three - five more weeks of work hopefully and ill have a new computer.

at this rate ill end up getting it as soon as sims 4 comes out.

how nice 

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xpersonal xi hate not playing

should have a computer within the next couple of weeks c: 

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xone can only hope
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Edited ohmysim's pictures! For the 3rd one it took me a long time to change the water color but i did it! now it has a sky blue-ish color!

Awww look at it! I love the way you changed the colors and stuff ❤️❤️

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Sims 4 Gameplay Demo!


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i want my computer.

i want the sims 

i need money. 

ugh :cccc 

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xhaving withdrawals xhate everything ugh

making money but still no computer yet ;~; 

this hiatus sucks ass. c: 

i miss my babies ;~;

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xsorta sims related xi hate not having a computer x;~; xi just want to play

i literally do not know what to do with my self with lack of computer. 

it’s been a week i already miss sims ;~; 

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xat least i start making money tomorrow xso in a few weeks ill have a new baby xugrh ximpatient

so, cant download sims on a netbook because apparently the computer cant run it :C but i got hired somewhere and hopefully within a couple weeks of work ill be able to get a new computer :c 

which means im on a mini-hiatus until stated otherwise. :c

which also makes me really sad that i cant play sims :c

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